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 United Kingdom & Europe, welcome to our
Spain Abroad 

We have a special orientation and travel program specifically designed for you!

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Regardless of where your trip starts, we have created flight meet up locations to help you travel to León with ease. 


Optional Meetup: You can join others in Heathrow Airport in London before your flight to Madrid if that fits your schedule/route. 

Meeting in Madrid, Spain Abroad staff will join your group at the airport and shuttle you to the train station where you will board the high speed Renfe train from Madrid to León.

This is a great opportunity to reach out, begin connecting, and making friendships with some of your Spain Abroad classmates!

When you arrive in León, your homestay families will be there, eager to greet you at the train station.

Your Unbelievable Summer in León

Immerse yourself in the Spanish Culture and focus on your mastery of the Spanish language! 

While in León you will attend classes at the University of León, connect and learn from your Spanish family, and go on excursions facilitated and led by the University of León.

We appreciate and celebrate global diversity at Spain Abroad.  Your classmates will be from all over the world!  

Colorful Friends

wonderful friends to last a lifetime

We want you to leave Spain Abroad with incredible new friendships and a strong connection with your Spanish family.  

Students will say their goodbyes to the friends, teachers, and amazing people of León as they travel together by train back to Madrid to fly to London or your home destination.

Some students may choose to stay longer....that is okay!  Students can stay one-two months if you choose.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures to document your travels.  Your friends and family back in the United Kingdom/Europe will thank you!

Please contact us for more information

We look forward to seeing you 
summer, 2023!

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