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Spain Abroad Academy



We are so thrilled to work with some of the best online schools in the world, providing amazing support and academic excellence, while integrating perfectly into the Spain Abroad Academy program

Laurel Springs School provides a comprehensive, flexible, and individualized online education that aligns perfectly with the immersive cultural experience offered by Spain Abroad Academy.


Here’s what Laurel Springs offers:


  • Flexible Learning Schedule: Tailor your studies to your personal schedule with a self-paced, mastery-based approach.

  • Personalized Curriculum: Benefit from customized course plans designed to meet your unique academic goals and interests.

  • Extensive Course Selection: Choose from over 200 college-prep courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment options.

  • College Preparation: Receive personalized college counseling to support your post-secondary aspirations, including standardized test prep and college application assistance.24/7

  • Academic Support: Access round-the-clock tutoring and academic assistance to ensure success in all subjects.

Attend online private high school anytime, anywhere at Laurel Springs.

Proven Performance

  • College-Bound Success: 91% of the Class of 2023 is college-bound, with 77% admitted to their first-choice school.

  • Scholarships: The Class of 2023 reported receiving over $10.2M in scholarships, averaging more than $95K per student.

  • AP Exam Achievement: 86% of students score a 3 or higher on AP exams.


Laurel Springs School offers Spain Abroad Academy students a a 10% scholarship off of their tuition! 

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Pacific Preparatory is a 1:1 online high school based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Offering completely customized classes and curriculum, PacPrep is the ideal option for students who thrive with individualization. They hand-pick the perfect teacher to work with each student to make sure that students have the optimal high school experience. This customized approach to curriculum and instruction is ideal for all types of learners, whether a student has learning differences and needs accommodation or is advanced and looking for a challenge. With honors, AP, and special topics courses, PacPrep is sure to inspire high schoolers to become their best academic selves. Check out their course catalog!

To enroll with Pacific Preparatory, submit an interest form. From there, the admissions team will review student transcripts and provide a customized plan for junior and/or senior year. Because students’ schedules and course plans are customized, each student’s final tuition varies slightly. The average cost of tuition for full-time enrollment is $45,000/year. A 10% discount is available to Spain Abroad students.

See what families are saying about PacPrep!

“Our daughter has been a Pacific Preparatory student for four years. Our family’s experience with PacPrep has been extraordinary from start to finish. We did not find this sort of flexibility and accommodation at any other school, even other one-on-one schools. The administration is wonderful. Each administrator we worked with has been kind, flexible, accommodating, and helpful, even while navigating complex situations.


The teaching is extraordinary. Every single teacher has been a gift. The one-on-one model allowed our child to go deeply into the areas that interest her, and to find ways to make all subjects engaging. Her teachers prioritize more than academics, (self-advocacy, organization). Our daughter is cared-for, challenged, heard, and engaged. While thrilled that our daughter is graduating, we’re truly sad to say goodbye to PacPrep.”

Pacific Prep offers Spain Abroad Academy students a 10% off their tuition! 

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Online Private School, Personalized

Fusion Global Academy is a nationally accredited online private school for students in grades 6-12. With full-time and part-time options, students can earn their diploma or simply get extra academic help through the world’s most personalized education experience.


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A School Day Designed Around Your Student's Learning DNA

Our teachers will customize course content based on your student’s strengths and passions.  In our online private school, they’ll move faster and dive deeper than they can in a traditional classroom. And they’ll never get left behind because Fusion teachers won’t move on without them.

Personalization Without Sacrificing Socialization

Fusion’s 1-to-1 private online school is anything but isolating. Your student has full access to clubs, collaboration, field trips, in-person meet-ups, prom, and more. Our Global Homework Café is open 14 hours daily for students to complete their homework and hang out with friends.

Fusion Global Academy offers Spain Abroad Academy students a $5,000 discount for full-time 1:1 enrollment, or free registration for our full-time Global Anytime enrollment! 

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Personalized Teaching

Our parents report higher grades, engagement, enthusiasm, and overall well-being.

Interaction Without Compromise

We use simple collaboration software that offers in-person teaching capabilities.

Specialized Instructors

Subject-matter experts from our 6 school locations ensure top guidance across any topic.

Our tutoring solutions aren’t about passing: they’re about mastery

Whether your child is falling behind or working to get ahead, at Score At The Top, amazing results are achieved every day. Our expert academic tutoring programs provide students with all of the tools they need to succeed. As a professional academic tutoring company, we combine three essential elements to achieve success: academic expertise, engaging professional tutors, and encouragement. We focus on instilling students with a love of learning and inspire them to score at the top of their potential.

Score Academy offers Spain Abroad Academy students 10 Percent off their Tuition! 

Click Here to Learn More About Score at the Top!

Mountain Point Academy is an accredited online school that provides an alternative to traditional education by offering solutions that allow flexibility and student control, while maintaining the highest quality of education.  Our faculty and staff are committed to providing a student-centered academic experience, with a high level of support throughout your time here. Whether you plan to take just a few courses with MPA or continue on through graduation, we're with you the whole way!

Mountain Point Academy’s mission is to commit to providing a student-centered academic experience by creating an environment grounded in respect, integrity, and commitment to learning. Students and staff work together as each student strives to reach his or her academic potential.

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What does it mean to be student-centered? MPA operates under the belief that all students can learn, but the way that happens looks a little bit different for each student. William Spady says it perfectly when he states that, “All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way.”  MPA works with all types of students; whether you love school and can’t wait to graduate high school early to get to college, or if you have struggled in the past and are looking for an alternative to your brick-and-mortar school, we have you covered!

Every student that enters our doors (figuratively of course!) is assigned an Academic Mentor. This MPA staff member acts as your advocate throughout your time at Mountain Point. You’ll never have to worry about who to turn to when you have a question on your homework, your graduation status, career planning, or anything else! Your mentor will contact you weekly to check in, set goals, and see how you’re doing. 

Mountain Point Academy offers Spain Abroad Academy students 10 Percent off their Tuition! 

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