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Welcome to león, Spain

Leon, Spain is a perfect location for one of our HOMESTAY IMMERSION tracks.  León is a city rich in history and tradition, located in beautiful Northern Spain.  A city that prides itself on its focus on education, the people are extremely supportive of our young peoples' desire to learn about the Spanish culture and want to play a part in their growth.  This is a truly special community.

In our HOMESTAY IMMERSION track in León, students stay in a homestay with local families while studying Spanish. All arrangements are made for you and the program includes excursions, weekly group meetings, and classes on career and resume building, while experiencing the Spanish culture firsthand.

Currently offered in Summers only in León, Spain.

For year-round,  join us in Estepona, Spain.

Summer 2022

Immersion / Language

Fall 2022

Immersion / Language

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