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Fall 2024

We offer two options for Fall, 2024: 

LIFE COACHING track, Estepona, Spain

HOMESTAY IMMERSION track, Estepona, Spain

LIFE COACHING track, Estepona Sept 4 -Nov 24

Available by semester, you will take Spanish language classes in Estepona. Students are also able to take online courses of their choosing (not included.) 


This program is ideal for somewhat independent students wanting to improve your resume and life experience by honing your interests, as well as personalized mentoring and coaching to help work toward your future goals.

In the LIFE COACHING track, you will live in a shared apartment with other students, with a Resident Assistant. 


homestay Immersion track in Estepona, Spain

Available in September, October, and/or November


In our HOMESTAY IMMERSION track, students stay in a homestay where you're welcomed into a local family while studying Spanish. All arrangements are made for you and the program includes excursions, check ins with staff, and

Spanish language classes, all while experiencing the Spanish culture firsthand.​​

Students are welcomed into host family homes, where they participate in and experience the culture, food and activities of the region firsthand. 

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