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Educational Options and Activities

Life coaching track Educational Options

We're happy to tailor our program to your needs, whether Spanish language classes or transferrable Gen Ed courses in sunny Costa del Sol. 


We offer Spanish language classes in Estepona or 3 educational options at American College in Spain in Marbella while attending the Spain Abroad Exploratory Program:


Spanish Language Option

Spanish Language Program

  • 6 hours of small group Spanish language classes, M, W, and F mornings

  • Thursday evening local activities to practice your Spanish with fellow classmates and other students in the school

  • A certification test is optional at the end of your time in Spain (Certification of the Cervantes Institute)

  • Certification possibly accepted for college credit in the United States


high school semester(s)

High School Semester(s) at American College in Spain

We're happy to tailor our program to your needs, whether Spanish language classes or transferrable Gen Ed courses in sunny Costa del Sol. 


We offer Spanish language classes at Millinguals in Estepona or 3 track options at American College in Spain in Marbella while attending the Spain Abroad Exploratory Program:


General education college semester(s) 

College Semester(s) at American College in Spain

  • 13-15 transferrable college credits per semester including Spanish language classes

  • 20 hours per week of coursework

  • In-person classes at the Marbella, Spain campus

  • Associated with Broward College in Florida

  • Offers general education courses

  • Possible option to study for 1 semester to 2 years to complete a fully transferrable Associates Degree to a 4 year college/university in the United States

  • Optional 1 semester-long GED prep course (includes GED test)

Click here for a list of courses!


GeD completion

College Semester(s) at American College in Spain

  • In-person classes at the Marbella, Spain campus

  • Associated with University of Missouri

  • Semester-long prep course to prepare you to pass the GED

  • includes the GED test

  • Ability to retake the test repeatedly if necessary

Click here for a list of courses!

Education Info:

Academic options can be changed each semester, but not mid semester.

Tuition varies based on chosen academic option

About American College in Spain


The American College in Spain (ACS) is the first North American High School & University in Andalusia. Located in the town of Marbella (Málaga) since 2013, The American College in Spain offers a curriculum based on the U.S. education system. 


Students can complete in Spain the 4 years of High School and then begin their first 2 years of University by completing their general education courses required by all U.S. universities. Upon completion of those 2 years of college, students receive the "Associate of Arts Degree" diploma from Broward College, which is recognized and accepted worldwide.


After that, students could transfer to a North American university (USA or any other university in Europe or the world that offers the North American university system: Madrid, Paris, London...) where they can complete their degree and obtain their 4 years diploma: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or BSc (Bachelor of Science).

In Spanish Language Courses, students find themselves in a familiar environment. Our facilities have six classrooms, two offices and a meeting room arranged around a typical Andalusian patio.


Students will be able to learn Spanish and work in a calm and welcoming environment. The teachers at Spanish Language Courses are qualified and have extensive teaching experience (over 15 years!). They have the ability to adapt to the characteristics and needs of the students to ensure that they learn Spanish in an efficient and enjoyable way.


.They make it possible to obtain the Official Certification of the Cervantes Institute, the only entity that certifies the official level in the common European language framework. 

About our  Language School

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*Additional transport cost may occur for more individualized activities

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Yoga on the beach!

We are so excited to work with Adam from Turnilla Yoga.  He provides an amazing experience for our students every Monday evening.   Please visit Adams website for more information.  Turnilla Yoga

Art with Ana Matias!!

Students Meet with Ana every week to learn new techniques and discover new styles of art in the beautiful setting of Hubers art gallery. 

Painter, engraver and draftswoman, she studied and graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid specializing in portrait through photography, painting and printing. In 1993 he settled in Marbella, from where she coordinates all her work.

Since 2003 she has participated in many group and individual exhibitions, and has been selected for several competitions, including the National Contemporary Spanish Engraving Award, and an award from the Naranjo Council Eduardo Pinto.

714931A9-E099-4A75-973A-79CE0C37E802 2.jpg

"Im not teaching you to paint, i'm making you an artist” - Ana


She has received different awards in different international competitions, such as the third prize and prize for virtuosity in the International Chamber Music Competition "The World and Music", in Sofia in 2008. Fajer Award of Honor, in Calahorra in 2009, and Fajer Award for the best viola of the CIEC in 2010. Finalist of the "Young Talents" contest of the social work of Ibercaja in 2011, winner of the scholarship to the Arts and Music of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Truism of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja in 2014.

Music with
Irina Yonkova


For those students that have an interest in practicing or learning guitar, piano, violin, or cello, Irina provides private lessons.

Irina  has participated in international festivals, such as the Classical 2015 in La Rioja, the I International Chamber Music Festival in Calahorra (Spain) in 2010, the Berlin International Music Festival in 2010, in the VII International Festival "Hope, Talents, Teachers" in Dobrich / Albena (Bulgaria) in 2006 and 2007 among others.

She has been part of the New Symphony Orchestra (Sofia), the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra (Plovdiv), the Manheim Philharmonic Orchestra, among others. She is currently the first viola of the String Orchestra "Civitas Musicae", of the García Fajer Foundation, conducted by Jesús Echeverría with which she debuted as a soloist in 2011 at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.


Cooking with Rafa!


Rafa is our local chef that cooks with our students every week.  not only does he teach our students how to make amazing Spanish delicacy’s, but he also supports them in learning new cooking techniques and skills that they can carry with them into independence.


Rafa’’s passion for cooking is inspiring, and his food is delicious! 


Steve works with students to:

  • analyze their income with future bills and expenses

  • introduce financial concepts: renting an apartment, credit cards, insurance, budgeting, opening a bank account, credit score, etc.

  • creating a solid budget for when they leave Spain Abroad

Finances with Steve!

Steve was instrumental in establishing the Champaign office of Hickory Point Bank and assumed the role of Community President when the Bank opened on February 14, 2002.  Prior to that, he served as President of National City Bank’s Champaign Region. Steve has been active in the local financial arena since 1977 when he joined First National Bank in Champaign as a commercial lender.

Since that time, he has held various senior management positions and was a founding partner in a local financial consulting business. In giving back to the community, Steve has been an officer or director of the following organizations: American Cancer Society, Kiwanis, Club, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation, United Way, and is the current President of the YMCA Foundation.

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and so much more

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