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About our Cultural Immersion Language Program

Through our Homestay program, you can participate in a culturally immersive experience by living with a gracious Spanish host-family who will provides all meals and a private room in their home during your stay. This is a wonderful opportunity to steep yourself in the culture, language and food. 

Cultural Immersion Homestay in León, Spain

Available in June, July and/or August.

This track is ideal for the student wanting to build their resume, learn the Spanish culture and increase their Spanish language skills through a local Language school and cultural excursions.

Students experience cultural immersion through living with a host family ("homestay") who provides a separate room for the student and 3 meals a day.

  • Students will be taken on 2 local cultural excursions per month.

  • Students will go on one regional excursion per month.

  • Students have the option of adding on one overnight excursion per month for 150 Euros.





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