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About our
Semester Abroad Track

Executive Functioning, Successful Independence, and Personal Happiness

Our Life Coaching Track is an exciting, hands-on, personalized, cohort-style growth experience. Think of it as a home away from home where you get the comfort and security but the freedom and support to learn, stretch yourself, explore, and develop new independent skills you wouldn't have access to otherwise. 

Come take a glimpse into our program in Estepona.
Our students experience this beautiful city filled with wonderful people, activities, and culture. It truly is “one of a kind”.

The Semester Abroad Program Includes:

  • An educational opportunity of your choice: Spanish language classes or transferable General Education college courses. Click here to see your options.

  • Budget training with your weekly stipend for food and free spending

  • Goal setting and planning for your future

  • Possible apprenticeship opportunities

  • Exploring your interests—with a large array of activities at our fingertips, you are able to try anything from pottery and art classes to scuba diving to music classes, yoga, and so much more!

  • Cultural excursions to Malaga, Cadiz, Granada, Seville, Gibraltar...

  • An array of culinary experiences: Students participate in Spanish cooking classes weekly, receive grocery stipends to budget and cook meals together, as well as participate in group meals out on the town.

  • The opportunity to give back to the community. Volunteering is an important component to our program. We work with different charities to help support the surrounding community. 

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A Typical Day in our Semester Abroad Program

Coffee with Friends


Breakfast and Coffee with your mentors.

  • This is a great opportunity to connect, set some goals, and share some gratitude.  We truly are fortunate.


Discuss your am plan for today.

  • activities, adventure, self-care, volunteering, shopping at the local market…

Daily Activities​

  • These include: art class, cooking classes, yoga, music lessons, stand up paddle boarding, beach time and more!

Spanish Language Classes

  • While at Spain Abroad, you will study the Spanish language and culture​​ through group conversational classes

Scheduled coaching sessions 

  • This is a time for us to look at your growth opportunities and goals. The Spain Abroad coaching philosophy is based on you having a healthy balance: Mind, Body, Community, and Nature. 


We believe in offering a fun, interactive, and immersive educational experience that is both practical and useful in propelling you to your next step. It just so happens to be in one of the most beautiful locations in the world: the quaint, pedestrian village of Estepona that sits on the stunning Mediterranean Sea!

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