Exploratory Program

Our Exploratory Program is an exciting, hands-on, personalized, cohort-style growth experience. Think of it as a home away from home where you get the comfort and security of a family but the freedom and support to learn, stretch yourself, explore, and develop new independent skills you wouldn't have access to otherwise. We want you to explore your interests while building your resume. 

The Exploratory Program can be for 1 semester to 2 years, offering you the opportunity to earn up to an entire transferrable Associate's Degree and/or Spanish language classes while building your resume in Estepona, Spain. 

Come take a glimpse into our program in Estepona. Our students will get to experience this incredible city filled with amazing people, activities, and culture. It truly is “one of a kind”.

The Exploratory Program Includes:

ϟ An educational opportunity of your choice, including up to a full Associates Degree!  Click here to see your options.

ϟ Budget training with a financial planner—learn how to create and maintain your own budget


ϟ Goal setting and planning for your future

ϟ Possible apprenticeship opportunities

ϟ Exploring your interests—with an enormous array of activities at our fingertips, you are able to try anything from pottery and art classes to scuba diving and surf lessons to leather crafting, equine lessons, sailing, paddle boarding, and so much more!


ϟ Excursions to Malaga, Cadiz, Granada, Seville...

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​Grocery stipends are allotted from the tuition, as well as group meals out a few times per week. Don't worry—we all participate in a group cooking course at the beginning of each semester and basic culinary skills will be another helpful takeaway from Spain Abroad. 

A Typical Day in our Exploratory Program
w/Spanish language classes

Coffee with Friends


Breakfast and Coffee with your mentors.

  • This is a great opportunity to connect, set some goals, and share some gratitude.  We truly are fortunate.


Resume Building Activities

  • Activities can include rock climbing, horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, etc.

  • Students will manage a monthly allowance for different activities.  They can coordinate these activities with their life coach who can help with financial planning and time management. 

  • Many activities can lead to resume building certifications.


  • An important piece of being a part of a community is giving back.

    • We will volunteer and contribute to the beauty and fabric of Malaga​.

    • We will work with different charities to help support the surrounding community. 


  • We work hard to connect students with possible internship opportunities.

  • The ability to apply life coaching sessions to the real world is essential.


We believe in offering a fun, interactive, and immersive educational experience that is both practical and useful in propelling you to your next step. It just so happens to be in one of the most beautiful locations in the world: the quaint, pedestrian village of Estepona that sits on the stunning Mediterranean Sea!