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The Purpose of Spain Abroad

At Spain Abroad, we're passionate about providing transformative study abroad experiences that go beyond traditional education. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that cultural immersion and personal growth go hand in hand, shaping individuals into global citizens ready to tackle the challenges of our interconnected world.

As a family deeply appreciative of travel, we understand the profound impact of exploring new cultures and perspectives. That's why Spain Abroad is designed for the somewhat independent student seeking to immerse themselves in Spanish culture, gain language skills, and chart their future path through a rich, global experience.

Our program caters to individuals at various life stages, whether it's transitioning between high school and college/trade school, taking a gap year or semester abroad, or seeking enrichment during summer break. We offer a holistic approach to education, blending academic rigor with cultural exploration and personal development.


At Spain Abroad, we prioritize personal growth, empowerment, and future planning. Through life coaching and executive functioning support, we help participants develop the skills and mindset needed to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.


Our unique model of cultural immersion sets us apart, providing a platform for profound growth and change. By fully immersing ourselves in Spanish culture and society, we cultivate cross-cultural competence, adaptability, and intercultural communication skills.


Whether you're seeking clarity on future career paths, building executive functioning skills, or simply embracing the joy of exploration and discovery, Spain Abroad is here to support you every step of the way.


Join us for a transformative journey of self-discovery, cultural immersion, and personal growth. Your study abroad adventure awaits at Spain Abroad Academy.

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Our Programs


Life coaching program

  • Spanish language classes or online learning through your school of choice

  • Life coaching and practical life-skill guidance, Resume-building activities

  • Cultural excursions 

  • Shared apartment with other students

  • Located in Estepona, Spain

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homestay immersion program

  • Spanish language classes at University of León or at the language school in Estepona

  • Homestay, full immersive cultural experience

  • Cultural excursions 

  • Available in Summers in León, Spain or in Estepona, Spain or by special request in Estepona.


Spain Abroad Academy

  • Continue your current online HS curriculum

  • Spanish language classes 

  • Life coaching and practical life-skill guidance, Resume-building activities

  • Cultural excursions 

  • Shared apartment with other students in Estepona, Spain and living with a homestay family in León, Spain

  • Art, History, Music, Cooking, Yoga, Language, and More!!

  • Potential college credit from the University of León

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