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The Purpose of Spain Abroad

As a family we've always appreciated travel and understand the value of learning and respecting other cultures and beliefs.  There is much to be gained from getting out of our own comfortable bubble and adopting a broader, more global worldview.  


Spain Abroad is for the somewhat independent student that wants to immerse in Spanish culture, gain Spanish language skills, explore a new destination, and gain insight in figuring out your future path, through a rich, Global experience. 

When is the right time to attend Spain Abroad?

Our program is beneficial, whether you are: 

  • Between high school and college/trade school 

  • During Summer break

  • As a college semester/Gap semester, or

  • After college before entering your next steps

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Our Programs


Life coaching program

  • Spanish language classes or online learning through your school of choice

  • Life coaching and practical life-skill guidance, Resume-building activities

  • Cultural excursions 

  • Shared apartment with other students

  • Located in Estepona, Spain

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homestay immersion program

  • Spanish language classes at University of León or at the language school in Estepona

  • Homestay, full immersive cultural experience

  • Cultural excursions 

  • Available in Summers in León, Spain or in Estepona, Spain or by special request in Estepona.

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