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Spain Abroad offers two study abroad programs in Spain. From short term to an entire transferrable Associate's Degree, we're sure to find the right program for you. We offer programs in León, Spain (Northern Spain) and Estepona, Spain (Southern Spain.)  We have a range of involvement, guidance and mentorship available.

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The Purpose of Spain Abroad

As a family we've always appreciated travel and understand the value of learning and respecting other cultures and beliefs.  There is much to be gained from getting out of our own comfortable bubble and adopting a broader, more global worldview.  


Spain Abroad is for the student that wants to immerse in Spanish culture, gain Spanish language skills, explore a new destination, and gain insight in figuring out your future path, through a rich, Global experience. 

Whether you're taking a semester off from school or you want to take college credits with the goal of achieving a full Associates Degree in Spain, we have opportunities for you.

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Our Programs



From Spanish language classes to earning up to a full Associates Degree, while also receiving coaching and guidance, with resume-building activities and certifications.  Live in a shared apartment with other students as you enjoying an abroad academic experience.  This program is available in Estepona.

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Cultural Immersion Language Program- Homestay

Would you like to spend a few months immersing yourself in the Spanish culture and focusing on learning the Spanish language and traditions?  Stay with a local Spanish family while attending Spanish language courses!  This program is available in León.

Coming soon to Estepona.